Angela is a blessing to every project she undertakes—whether it involves development, publishing management, writing, editing or research. I’ve hired her in all these roles, and she has always exceeded my expectations! She is a capable writer (as well as ghostwriter and rewriter!), as well as a probing researcher. Her excellent interpersonal skills render her invaluable in challenging, deadline-oriented tasks. Angela is easy to work with, always bringing laughter and wit to assignments, along with her keen organization. She listens well and can be left alone to superbly complete a long project with absolutely no supervision. Her decades of experience in newspapers, magazines and books provide her with the know-how to solve any editorial problem. I count it a privilege to have worked with her on numerous endeavors and recommend her without reservation.

--Adrienne Ingrum
Publishing consultant and book packager

Angela Dodson is one of the most professional editors with which I have had the pleasure to work. I have seen her work first hand, and it is nothing short of excellence. Her dedication and commitment to the cause of high standards in writing is a credit to the world of publishing. 

Dodson has the wherewithal to tailor her comments for authors. She is adept and can  draws out the best from those she aids. She has the ability to fine tune manuscripts as if they were instruments and add timely and thought-provoking comments to help clients.

Angela is sincere and authentic in her critique of various works concerning clients. Her ability to think creatively allows her to network and make the most of editorial situations. She can take the fabric of ideas that authors send to her, and weave them into patterns that helps the author to present a quilt of greatness. Her approach to helping authors get into print is pleasurable and edifying.

Dodson is an integral part of my publishing company. She facilitates the publishing of authors signed with my company and expedites the process with careful and attentive hands. She is a true agent of change, and her value to me is immeasurable.

As a publisher of books, I recommend her highly and endorse her skills as being a team player, and partner for both the author and a publisher. She bridges the gap in my mind, and provides a way for dreamers in the publishing industry to walk into their Destiny.

--Dave Ware
President and CEO, Ware Resources and Publishing http://www.wareresources.com/contact-us.html

I have worked with Angela P. Dodson for nearly a decade, and working with her has been a true pleasure. We first worked together when I was the managing editor, and she was executive editor of Black Issues Book Review magazine, a national monthly magazine that centered on African-American literature, writers and book publishing, and had a circulation of nearly 75,000 readers. Ms. Dodson was instrumental in developing many of the feature stories, assigning articles to writers, and working with the creative team to help shape the magazine’s visual components. Her instincts as a journalist to focus on timely and relevant matters and her attention to details in regard to the editorial content was a motivating force at the publication. Ms. Dodson and I have since worked together again after the magazine ceased publishing, and she moved on to become an editor for Diverse: Issues In Higher Education. There, she continued to impart her expertise and skills as a knowledgeable and reliable journalist. Angela Dodson is a consummate professional who follows through to the very end on every project she takes on with impeccable editing skills. Not only is she quick-witted and a pleasant person to work with, she is also an encouraging coworker. Sincerely,

--Clarence V. Reynolds
Assistant director The Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Angela Dodson is an excellent editor and proofreader who contributed greatly to making my book, No Excuses: The Crisis in Urban Education in the New Millennium, into a readable, creditable work. She spent hours making deft trims and corrections throughout the book. In addition, she formatted and verified footnotes, as well as the bibliography. She is editing my next book.

--Jack Washington
Ph.D. Author and educator

More than an editor, Angela P. Dodson is a master teacher who challenges the writer to dig deeper, offer more clarity, and make words take on new meaning. Her superior editing skills extend beyond spelling, grammar and usage, to questioning the use of a word or phrase, reordering paragraphs to achieve a more consistent flow, and injecting her own brand of literary expertise for maximum effect. Ultimately, after Ms. Dodson has woven her magic, the work remains uniquely the writer’s, since she goes to great lengths to preserve the integrity of both manuscript and writer.

--Lynn Granger
Author/Freedom and the Cashew Seed: A Memoir

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