Who Can Benefit from Our Services

1. Existing businesses and associations that need editorial assistance, as well as religious institutions, governmental bodies, educational institutions;

2. Startups: websites, magazines, book publishers, organizations, entrepreneurs;

3. Individuals: book authors, celebrity book writers, ministers, bloggers, dissertation writers, business people and politicians in need of editors, writers, ghostwriters or collaborators. Our team is also available for communications consulting/image consulting, media training and social media assistance (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);


Hire Us

Editorsoncall is a multifaceted service to connect businesses and individuals who need editorial and related services with experienced and talented people who provide them, drawing from a multicultural, multiethnic and otherwise diverse pool. EOC operates as a limited liability corporation, (LLC) based in central New Jersey.


Join Us

We formed Editorsoncall LLC as a service to connect clients in need of editorial and related skills to create products across a wide variety of platforms, interests and subject matter. People like you who possess these skills – writing, editing, design, photography and production, among others – and who already know how to produce content are the key to our clients’ success. You may be a long-term independent journalist, a newly retired videographer, a recent graduate in communications or a recently laid-off editor/producer/ project manager. We need you, and our clients need you, but you also need us.


What We Offer:

We have a wide network of contacts and an impressive circle of influence based on years of experience in communications, including newspapers, magazines, web-based platforms and broadcasting.

We can connect you to exciting projects with forward-looking entrepreneurs.

We can alleviate the frustrations of looking constantly for new assignments and new clients.

We can smooth out the process of setting fees, writing contracts, collecting payment and keeping track of your earnings.


How You Get Paid:

Editorsoncall will negotiate fees and payment schedules with you for each job based on the type of work (writing vs. photography, etc.; books vs. article for publication), the specific assignment and other factors such as deadlines, your experience or the difficulty of the work. You will be paid directly by EOC.

Contact us for more information:

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