Editorsoncall matches clients’ need for editorial assistance to the solution. We can provide an individual writer, photographer or other professional for a one-time assignment or a team of editors, writers, photographers and designers for a long-term project or to meet ongoing needs. We can work on one article or a book, produce publications or websites, create editorial concepts and develop content for your startup or manage large-scale projects (websites, magazines, books, series) from beginning to end.
We connect people with talents to people who need their services. However, Editorsoncall is less like an “Internet dating service” and more like a marriage broker. Unlike some popular find-a-freelancer websites that merely use a website platform or advertisements to allow the talent and the clients to find each other, we create relationships. Then, we follow through on the project, monitor progress and check the finished product so clients can be assured a quality product. Depending on the needs of the client, we can make recommendations or assign writers, edit the work, hire photographers, find someone to design it and arrange for final publication.
Editorsoncall offers direct, personal service to fit the talent to the assignment, EOC vets the backgrounds of providers, negotiates fees, supervises the work when needed, brokers any glitches in the relationships that arise and administer payments. Editorsoncall offers more professional, editorial guidance for the client than Internet services do, drawing on its knowledge of the providers.
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